24 September 2010

What next ?

I am surprised, I have not even visited my blog page for more than ten weeks, yet there has been regular traffic, messages asking when the next post would be, and the follower number touched 50; this puts a smile on my face- this World is full of innocent victims and I love that !!

While there is no particular reason for me keeping off this page, I need to confess that I am done with the initial phase of  'trying to astonish' ; I have been saying only what I felt like; many liked, few were resentful. Well, quite a few got impressed; husband's colleagues' "WOW" and close friends and relatives'  "IS THIS YOU?" fed my hunger for attention well enough that I comfortably assumed myself a writer. Checking back each day on comments I might get and added followers was satiating; Now, what next?

There are not many things I am good at, one of them being 'constantly impressive' . But I think I am at my best at things like handling people, crisis management, analyzing Situation & Personality and Parenting skills (till date). May be with a mellowed down mentality, I should try to quench the thirst of those who honestly thought I can write.

So, will be back very soon with things I know and NOT with deliberate self-portrayal. Be patient till then.
It may be worth it.
Have a fantastic weekend !!



Nik said...

So long, worth the wait :D

Anonymous said...

Come up with more

Destined to follow said...

More please

Hema said...

nice... eagerly waiting for ur next write-up

ps: i didn't realise it has been 10 weeks since ur last blog entry :O
gd to see u writing back :)

Swaroop said...

the new theme looks a lot better than the old crappy one :)

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Even this 'modest' self appraisal is well written - you have a way with words, I must say.. Yes, there has to be an underlying purpose which drives one to write and it should be one that can sustain the tempo.

As your latest 'follower' I can assure you that we followers cannot be easily satiated with mere promises and cannot be living forever on hope. So, why not write one today ?

Arooj said...

nice trick