08 December 2009

Living Vs. Life

I was eight years old when I first stole money from my grandfather’s pocket...the amount as small as Rs.2, sufficient enough to fulfil my candy requirement. Now, my eight year old child has a bank account, an ATM card with a defined drawing limit. His adequate pocket money leaves no room for emptying grandfather’s pocket. I pity my child. His childishness is stolen.

Needless to mention that we are hooked to technological comfort, luxury and sophistication which paved way for a better living, but where is life? I cannot help comparing the rivers that taught us to swim with the chlorinated swimming pools,the moon light dinners to candle lit ones and the dozen cousins with whom we chatted endlessly to those now accessed only through Yahoo Messenger and that too in heavily American accented mother tongue.The farms we visited is substituted by Farmville,bed time stories by CDs,the thrill of climbing countless trees and boarding / alighting fast moving trains by virtual games.We drank well water and were not vaccinated for unpronounceable diseases.Not once were we counselled by experts,never needed Google to answer our queries.We literally laughed out loud and didn't have to LOL online.

A couple of decades and our lives turned topsy-turvy.I forgot when exactly I shut my real life door and opened the virtual windows to view the world.The world is small now-yet the gap wide,life advanced-relationship declined,bondage is now matter of connectivity,blood is not thicker anymore,its the bandwidth.Why would I greet anyone personally on a festive occasion when I can comfortably bulk sms?Its me and you who have allowed the trespasser to intrude and dominate.

Today,my fridge is filled with chocolates imported from every nook and corner of this planet,yet my candy bought by stolen 2 rupees was sweeter.I wish my kids taste it too.