11 November 2009

Drive safe,through life

Mumbai has an unexpected visitor this week,..its raining again.

Its beautiful,what fascinates me more is a drive,preferably a long one, rejuvenating,unless you are at the driver's seat.

I mean,its never a pleasing task to drive on any Indian road.First of all,you have the speed breakers all over,you actually don't need at all,there are enough puddles to substitute them,right?Then comes the aggressive bikers,touch & go rickshaws,unpredictable walkers....making it a rather painful than a pleasant experience.Yet,if anyone has mastered the art of defensive & safe driving,I can say he has conquered life.Let me tell you how.

If you were to consider the road as life,the puddles & speed breakers(almost synonymous) represent ups & downs and hurdles in life.We strategically wade through the speeding overtakers,the mad crowd... with patience and  all we need is to be certain about the destination and avoid accident.

Despite all the trials,its a pleasing venture,truly beautiful,worth a try.