01 November 2009

Get the most out of You

I am seriously contemplating on how I landed into maintaining a blog..... not that it is a historic event to commemorate, but how did it ever happen ?  Am I destined to, born for it, my passion or goal ??

It is not that I am all new to enlightening of somebody nor do I lack enriching thoughts.  Being a verbose, I have tirelessly edified everyone with everything I knew(needless to mention that they got tired of me).  I seized every possible opportunity to contribute to the well being of my companions.  For a while, I shot all the open manholes in and around city, got them published & ultimately had them covered.  Soon I threw in the towel when realization dawned on me that such a mission was interminable.  My next pick was something called billboard on a Mumbai daily which had catchy, sensible two liners that led to social awakening.  One fine day, the daily had their funds exhausted(I was paid Rs.200 for 2 lines,can you believe?) that they did away with that particular module leaving me exasperated.There were more such attempts to add but I won't.

So, here I am penning down my thoughts, connecting with you all, hopefully productive.

If I am supposed to leave a message in every write-up, here I go. Whatever you are into, give your best.  There is no dearth of opportunities.  Identify and ignite the spark that lies within you.  Even if your were to clean the washroom, do it as if no one can do it better than you. You may not reach the Limca book of records, but at least you have a germfree, sparkling washroom, which is the outcome of your effort.

Get the most out of you,because you alone can do it.