16 October 2009

Let's talk

Okay, I am henceforth going to develop your and my own personality allowing Philosophy to take a back seat(to the relief of many).

This fortnight I made an unusual move. To nearly 100 of my acquaintances I posted a text message with a simple "Good Morning, want to know how you are". The response was interesting.While 25% busy bees didn't reply,10% reacted with a cold 'oh, huh??',the remaining were obviously pleased with the unexpected importance & attention. Even the inaccessible seemed immensely elated.With a handful, the conversation continues till date whether it is  on Obama or  Diwali.

Often, a small step is all that is required.  Initiating a dialogue warrants supreme confidence. Communication is the key that liberates us of all restrictions, regressions and eventually regrets.It flatters the flattened ego. After all, doesn't cost us the Earth.

Few tips to get going:
  • Start today:You really have no option.
  • Hold the conversations intelligently: Strike a balance between what you know & what the other person is interested  in. No need to prove you are a moving encyclopedia.
  • Try not to impress: The lesser you try,better it is. 
  • Be genuine: A simple,easy tool yet wins people. Let your every word be dipped in honesty, real care with not a tinge of hypocrisy.
I don't deny the fact that the reaction or often the lack of it  from the opponent dampens your spirit to hold a tête-à-tête.

 Try these:
  • Give the benefit of doubt: The person may really be busy/stressed. Not responding doesn't always convey resentment.
  • Refuse to get insulted: Not every approach works with every one. You are interested in strengthening your abilities....SO, dust it off. 
  • With the hard nuts: Those who are reluctant, rude, refuse to budge,, IGNORE.... no one is indispensable. The whole world is waiting to shake hands with us. 
All set ?? Put your best foot forward and .... Talk