30 September 2009

Humans-handle with care

                Recently,a friend of mine sent me a message .."Don't say that I 'm destined to read you,just say its my fate"...hurried to add "just kidding".He is well known to me I felt that the latter part was unwarranted.

Well,communication is a double-edged sword.Most of us are looking for an excuse to get offended,,,sensitive to be precise.You all will agree with me that we cannot operate in vacuum.We need people ..thus need to master the art of managing relationships,to tackle the fragile,at times brittle fellow beings.

 Few tips here which I follow,,,not exhaustive,add your own...I would love to learn more.  

When you react:
  • Trust : If the opponents intentions are good,let him say anything,in any terminology,just consume.
  • Take it easy : Easier said than done..if you cannot be "cool",act as let the opponent win if he infuriates you,so don't.
  • Pull your own legs : Particularly when someone mocks at you;A college friend of mine named himself IAS (Invisible After Sunset) Those who teased him for his extra dark complexion had to give up.
  • Get pally : This week,in a pensive mood,when I told one of my friends to 'go to hell' he blissfully countered 'join me,it might turn into heaven'.
  • Humour : No need to elaborate,incorporate everywhere,its the best weapon.
When you act :
  • Try not to step on toes : No one deserves it,leave alone accepting it.
  • Add tact to honesty : Even if you intend good,make it obvious that you don't mean to hurt.Remember,he is also a delicate darling like you.
  • Emoticons : This while communicating through writing(thanks to Scott Fahlman who brought smile to the internet in 1982)whether you tweet,scrap or write on someones wall, it comes handy.Suffix  liberally a smiley face :) , :(  , :D , :P ,   :X ,or any such ,,you have a plenty of choice.A simple "just kidding"(recall the opening paragraph) or lol!!!! serves the purpose.
         I recommend the last one..the clears up confusion about writers' intentions... it also gives me an                  advantage to say any damn  thing I actually intend to,yet pretend I never meant it..its so simple,for eg.,
         The one who reads this post yet doesn't comment is an illiterate :P
         Anyone who comments,shares it either on his FB or Twitter page is my best friend :D :D
         Is my message conveyed? lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Note: There are a few with whom you don't need to think of what & how to speak,they get you anyway..such are rare,unique and divine. I guess neither you nor me come under that category,,,,,and this I am not kidding.