23 September 2009


    We are acquainted for a week;Our journey just begun.

Allow me to elucidate 2 suggestions I received this week,one wanting the frothy vocabulary to be substituted with simple diction--point noted,I don't underestimate the reader though.The other ,,,,the subject itself.Well,Philosophy is just a way of life,not to be perceived as taboo.I am no "Sermon on the Mount" nor Lord Krishna.I am no authority of any topic;wont excerpt from books whose names I can't even pronounce.Every coherent thought I upload here is what life has taught me and I wish you download it in your mind.

It may be a bit misplaced here but I wish to reveal my darker side to all those who decided to walk the rope with me....that I cannot balance the wheels of a cycle.Now..this is neither "cycle of birth & death" nor 'balancing act".Its the art of balancing an ordinary,conventional,mundane bicycle,which I never learnt all my life.You just smiled,didn't you?So did my spouse when I expressed my secret desire to qualify for a cycle-a-thon.Warned enough by my siblings whose efforts of a decade were in vain,my better half instead opted to pluck stars from the sky or fetch me a blanket of rainbow.To cut the story short,till date my mission is unaccomplished.My kids unable to help me,added it in their list of bed time prayer.

Every unfulfilled yearning leads to rebirth,,in case you have such hidden desires you are bound to be born again.Since our relationship is not confined to this page of write-up but to continue for 7 births,soon in one such,you will find me set to roll the two wheels even before I learn to crawl or walk.



What a coincidence!!!!! I am writing and you are reading....we know not each other in real life.The cosmic force brought you to  me...YOU WERE DESTINED TO READ ME.

The perpetual cycle of life and death is beyond comprehension,strings attached invisible.We  are lost in our inherent struggle,, create comfort,security and to produce off-springs.Its subtle as to where the web is interconnected.Precise answers yet to come.Thinking rationally,you attract anyone through the vibration of thoughts which has unique frequency for each.Call it telepathy,intuition or mere coincidence,none meets you unless its written,you invited the one who knocks at your door.

Speaking in pedestrian terms,what you achieve,suffer,enjoy,possess,experience is all predetermined.The beauty of it lies in the unpredictability,else the charm is lost.So,go ahead,explore,expand and evolve.

Till I am back with more such to share,stay tuned,you will.....because its your destiny:)