08 December 2009

Living Vs. Life

I was eight years old when I first stole money from my grandfather’s pocket...the amount as small as Rs.2, sufficient enough to fulfil my candy requirement. Now, my eight year old child has a bank account, an ATM card with a defined drawing limit. His adequate pocket money leaves no room for emptying grandfather’s pocket. I pity my child. His childishness is stolen.

Needless to mention that we are hooked to technological comfort, luxury and sophistication which paved way for a better living, but where is life? I cannot help comparing the rivers that taught us to swim with the chlorinated swimming pools,the moon light dinners to candle lit ones and the dozen cousins with whom we chatted endlessly to those now accessed only through Yahoo Messenger and that too in heavily American accented mother tongue.The farms we visited is substituted by Farmville,bed time stories by CDs,the thrill of climbing countless trees and boarding / alighting fast moving trains by virtual games.We drank well water and were not vaccinated for unpronounceable diseases.Not once were we counselled by experts,never needed Google to answer our queries.We literally laughed out loud and didn't have to LOL online.

A couple of decades and our lives turned topsy-turvy.I forgot when exactly I shut my real life door and opened the virtual windows to view the world.The world is small now-yet the gap wide,life advanced-relationship declined,bondage is now matter of connectivity,blood is not thicker anymore,its the bandwidth.Why would I greet anyone personally on a festive occasion when I can comfortably bulk sms?Its me and you who have allowed the trespasser to intrude and dominate.

Today,my fridge is filled with chocolates imported from every nook and corner of this planet,yet my candy bought by stolen 2 rupees was sweeter.I wish my kids taste it too.

11 November 2009

Drive safe,through life

Mumbai has an unexpected visitor this week,..its raining again.

Its beautiful,what fascinates me more is a drive,preferably a long one, rejuvenating,unless you are at the driver's seat.

I mean,its never a pleasing task to drive on any Indian road.First of all,you have the speed breakers all over,you actually don't need at all,there are enough puddles to substitute them,right?Then comes the aggressive bikers,touch & go rickshaws,unpredictable walkers....making it a rather painful than a pleasant experience.Yet,if anyone has mastered the art of defensive & safe driving,I can say he has conquered life.Let me tell you how.

If you were to consider the road as life,the puddles & speed breakers(almost synonymous) represent ups & downs and hurdles in life.We strategically wade through the speeding overtakers,the mad crowd... with patience and  all we need is to be certain about the destination and avoid accident.

Despite all the trials,its a pleasing venture,truly beautiful,worth a try.

01 November 2009

Get the most out of You

I am seriously contemplating on how I landed into maintaining a blog..... not that it is a historic event to commemorate, but how did it ever happen ?  Am I destined to, born for it, my passion or goal ??

It is not that I am all new to enlightening of somebody nor do I lack enriching thoughts.  Being a verbose, I have tirelessly edified everyone with everything I knew(needless to mention that they got tired of me).  I seized every possible opportunity to contribute to the well being of my companions.  For a while, I shot all the open manholes in and around city, got them published & ultimately had them covered.  Soon I threw in the towel when realization dawned on me that such a mission was interminable.  My next pick was something called billboard on a Mumbai daily which had catchy, sensible two liners that led to social awakening.  One fine day, the daily had their funds exhausted(I was paid Rs.200 for 2 lines,can you believe?) that they did away with that particular module leaving me exasperated.There were more such attempts to add but I won't.

So, here I am penning down my thoughts, connecting with you all, hopefully productive.

If I am supposed to leave a message in every write-up, here I go. Whatever you are into, give your best.  There is no dearth of opportunities.  Identify and ignite the spark that lies within you.  Even if your were to clean the washroom, do it as if no one can do it better than you. You may not reach the Limca book of records, but at least you have a germfree, sparkling washroom, which is the outcome of your effort.

Get the most out of you,because you alone can do it.

16 October 2009

Let's talk

Okay, I am henceforth going to develop your and my own personality allowing Philosophy to take a back seat(to the relief of many).

This fortnight I made an unusual move. To nearly 100 of my acquaintances I posted a text message with a simple "Good Morning, want to know how you are". The response was interesting.While 25% busy bees didn't reply,10% reacted with a cold 'oh, huh??',the remaining were obviously pleased with the unexpected importance & attention. Even the inaccessible seemed immensely elated.With a handful, the conversation continues till date whether it is  on Obama or  Diwali.

Often, a small step is all that is required.  Initiating a dialogue warrants supreme confidence. Communication is the key that liberates us of all restrictions, regressions and eventually regrets.It flatters the flattened ego. After all, doesn't cost us the Earth.

Few tips to get going:
  • Start today:You really have no option.
  • Hold the conversations intelligently: Strike a balance between what you know & what the other person is interested  in. No need to prove you are a moving encyclopedia.
  • Try not to impress: The lesser you try,better it is. 
  • Be genuine: A simple,easy tool yet wins people. Let your every word be dipped in honesty, real care with not a tinge of hypocrisy.
I don't deny the fact that the reaction or often the lack of it  from the opponent dampens your spirit to hold a tête-à-tête.

 Try these:
  • Give the benefit of doubt: The person may really be busy/stressed. Not responding doesn't always convey resentment.
  • Refuse to get insulted: Not every approach works with every one. You are interested in strengthening your abilities....SO, dust it off. 
  • With the hard nuts: Those who are reluctant, rude, refuse to budge,, IGNORE.... no one is indispensable. The whole world is waiting to shake hands with us. 
All set ?? Put your best foot forward and .... Talk

30 September 2009

Humans-handle with care

                Recently,a friend of mine sent me a message .."Don't say that I 'm destined to read you,just say its my fate"...hurried to add "just kidding".He is well known to me I felt that the latter part was unwarranted.

Well,communication is a double-edged sword.Most of us are looking for an excuse to get offended,,,sensitive to be precise.You all will agree with me that we cannot operate in vacuum.We need people ..thus need to master the art of managing relationships,to tackle the fragile,at times brittle fellow beings.

 Few tips here which I follow,,,not exhaustive,add your own...I would love to learn more.  

When you react:
  • Trust : If the opponents intentions are good,let him say anything,in any terminology,just consume.
  • Take it easy : Easier said than done..if you cannot be "cool",act as let the opponent win if he infuriates you,so don't.
  • Pull your own legs : Particularly when someone mocks at you;A college friend of mine named himself IAS (Invisible After Sunset) Those who teased him for his extra dark complexion had to give up.
  • Get pally : This week,in a pensive mood,when I told one of my friends to 'go to hell' he blissfully countered 'join me,it might turn into heaven'.
  • Humour : No need to elaborate,incorporate everywhere,its the best weapon.
When you act :
  • Try not to step on toes : No one deserves it,leave alone accepting it.
  • Add tact to honesty : Even if you intend good,make it obvious that you don't mean to hurt.Remember,he is also a delicate darling like you.
  • Emoticons : This while communicating through writing(thanks to Scott Fahlman who brought smile to the internet in 1982)whether you tweet,scrap or write on someones wall, it comes handy.Suffix  liberally a smiley face :) , :(  , :D , :P ,   :X ,or any such ,,you have a plenty of choice.A simple "just kidding"(recall the opening paragraph) or lol!!!! serves the purpose.
         I recommend the last one..the clears up confusion about writers' intentions... it also gives me an                  advantage to say any damn  thing I actually intend to,yet pretend I never meant it..its so simple,for eg.,
         The one who reads this post yet doesn't comment is an illiterate :P
         Anyone who comments,shares it either on his FB or Twitter page is my best friend :D :D
         Is my message conveyed? lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Note: There are a few with whom you don't need to think of what & how to speak,they get you anyway..such are rare,unique and divine. I guess neither you nor me come under that category,,,,,and this I am not kidding.

23 September 2009


    We are acquainted for a week;Our journey just begun.

Allow me to elucidate 2 suggestions I received this week,one wanting the frothy vocabulary to be substituted with simple diction--point noted,I don't underestimate the reader though.The other ,,,,the subject itself.Well,Philosophy is just a way of life,not to be perceived as taboo.I am no "Sermon on the Mount" nor Lord Krishna.I am no authority of any topic;wont excerpt from books whose names I can't even pronounce.Every coherent thought I upload here is what life has taught me and I wish you download it in your mind.

It may be a bit misplaced here but I wish to reveal my darker side to all those who decided to walk the rope with me....that I cannot balance the wheels of a cycle.Now..this is neither "cycle of birth & death" nor 'balancing act".Its the art of balancing an ordinary,conventional,mundane bicycle,which I never learnt all my life.You just smiled,didn't you?So did my spouse when I expressed my secret desire to qualify for a cycle-a-thon.Warned enough by my siblings whose efforts of a decade were in vain,my better half instead opted to pluck stars from the sky or fetch me a blanket of rainbow.To cut the story short,till date my mission is unaccomplished.My kids unable to help me,added it in their list of bed time prayer.

Every unfulfilled yearning leads to rebirth,,in case you have such hidden desires you are bound to be born again.Since our relationship is not confined to this page of write-up but to continue for 7 births,soon in one such,you will find me set to roll the two wheels even before I learn to crawl or walk.



What a coincidence!!!!! I am writing and you are reading....we know not each other in real life.The cosmic force brought you to  me...YOU WERE DESTINED TO READ ME.

The perpetual cycle of life and death is beyond comprehension,strings attached invisible.We  are lost in our inherent struggle,, create comfort,security and to produce off-springs.Its subtle as to where the web is interconnected.Precise answers yet to come.Thinking rationally,you attract anyone through the vibration of thoughts which has unique frequency for each.Call it telepathy,intuition or mere coincidence,none meets you unless its written,you invited the one who knocks at your door.

Speaking in pedestrian terms,what you achieve,suffer,enjoy,possess,experience is all predetermined.The beauty of it lies in the unpredictability,else the charm is lost.So,go ahead,explore,expand and evolve.

Till I am back with more such to share,stay tuned,you will.....because its your destiny:)